More Humpbacks

We started the day off with a Humpback whale just around the corner from our departure points of Alert and Alder Bays and ended the day with 2 Humpback whales just between Alert and Alder Bay. The winds were light to moderate allowing us to sail on both of today's trips and with the whales mentioned above we had some nice company while doing so. The whales seemed to be in good spirits today as they traveled around slowly lifting their huge tails every so often. We noticed large swarms of krill and schools of pilchard in the water today which both make excellent meals for these animals and explain why they are here. The birds, porpoises, and sea lions all seemed to be in a frenzy over all the feed in the water as well. We had a great encounter with about 10 of these Stellar sea lions right where the krill was the thickest and shortly after that enjoyed watching 3 Dall's porpoises as they swam along with us right underneath the bow. We also saw our first Wandering Tattler of the year. Like yesterday and the day before sunny skies, light to moderate winds, and plenty of Humpback whales has been the trend. We expect the resident Orcas to return soon as well.