Warm, sunny, windy

Shortly after leaving Alert Bay this afternoon we came across a single Humpback whale. We cruised along with it westbound before it lifted its tail and disappeared. We looked for it for a while before deciding that we'd set out to see what else we could find knowing that its kind of nice that if a whale doesn't want to be seen it can disappear. Along the way to the east we spotted a couple Dall's porpoises and then put up our stay sail. The wind was blowing pretty good but through the gusts our little white triangle kept us steady before we took it down after a nice sail and headed in towards the small islands and protected channels. It was here that we saw harbor seals, and plenty of Bald eagles including 3 different nests. Once back in Alder Bay we saw quite a few Bonaparte's gulls that are new arrivals for the area this time of year. Another cloudless day in Queen Charlotte and Johnstone straits.

Humpback Whale