Transient & Resident Orcas, Humpbacks & Porpoises

We spotted 2 transient Orcas shortly after getting underway on this morning's tour. It is always a surprise to see transients as they pop up in the least expected places at the least expected times. Before we knew it they had made a kill on a harbor seal and were continuing on. We followed for some time before stopping to look at some Stellar sea lions and then out of no where we had Dall's porpoises coming from all directions to play under the bow of the SV Tuan. In total we must have had over 15 porpoises taking turns chasing each other and darting this way and that under us. Not too far away we could see the huge blows of 2 Humpback whales and once with them realized that they were not resident Humpbacks that we know. This afternoon MV Cetacea had sightings of 2 different Humpback whales and the A12 pod of resident Orcas. The vocalizations were beautiful as were the 8 individuals that make up the 4 generations of family in that pod. Today both vessels enjoyed very different tours in the same waters going to show how unique every day and every trip is in this diverse marine environment.
We also saw 2 Caspian Terns today.

T7A and T7 with a seal in her mouth
T7A & T7 with a seal in her mouth

Sasha the dog enjoying the provided exposure gear and view aboard SV Tuan
Sasha in exposure gear