Active Humpback

This morning SV Tuan spent quite some time scouring the straits for some whale activiy. Along the way we had Dall's porpoises playing with the boat on 2 seperate occasions before finally coming across a Humpback whale. This individual was surfacing right next to shore in fairly shallow water and was blowing bubbles! This is the first time we have ever seen a Humpback whale doing this in this area. This bubble-netting is a feeding technic whereby the animal blows a circle of bubbles around fish, ensuring they don't escape, and then feeds on them. This afternoon we had the good fortune of finding the same Humpback in the same area except this time it was throwing its huge body all over the place. The splashes were enormous! After spending time with the whale as it traveled around the kelpbeds we took off to enjoy the nearby Stellar's sea lions, harbor seals, and bald eagles. While doing so we came across the Humpback whale 2 more times as it traveled around the same area.