Humpback & lots of Dolphins

Today a large group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins came in to the area. We found a huge Humpback whale known as BCX0081 and then went over to have a look at them. In total there were well over 50 individuals and at one point they were all under the bow of the SV Tuan. Looking down into the water there were dolphins as far down as one could see and as far over as one could see. It was mesmerizing watching so many of them swim in formation like that through the clear water. This afternoon both MV Cetacea and SV Tuan again had some amazing encounters with the dolphins as well as the beautiful Humpback whale. All day the straits were calm, clear, and slightly misty making for some moody scenery that only the north and central coasts on BC can provide.

Lags under the bow