We haven't seen this many whales in years! Today the majority of the whole northern resident killer whale population swam past both the MV Cetacea and SV Tuan on a number of occasions. Everywhere we looked there were Orcas surfacing near and far. Most of the animals were traveling in large extended family groups so we were often seeing 30-40 animals all in a cluster sometimes surfacing all at the same time. There was plenty of surface activity including breaching, spyhopping, tail and pec slapping and to top it all off the vocals were amazing. It was like an underwater chorus getting louder and louder as the whales came towards us and diminishing as the whales went past. It would be hard to give an accurate estimate of the actually number of Orcas we saw today but figure that approximately 140 animals would be a safe guess.

Young Orca swimming upside down
on back

Young Orca playing with kelp in mouth
kelp in mouth