Over 60 Orcas

In the crisp morning air we were able to see many blows and dorsal fins from a distance. Upon closer inspection we found that 3 new pods of Orcas had joined in with the 7 pods that have been in the area now for a few days. Our best guess for total whales present was 66 altogether. This afternoon MV Cetacea saw all the same animals plus a group of 4 Transient Orcas known as the T18 group while SV Tuan saw the Transients as well as some of the I31 pod foraging nearby. The Orcas were vocal off and on all day long and engaged in relaxed social behaviour and some foraging. Guests aboad Tuan had 2 very unexpected wildlife encounters on the way home, 1 being bowriding Dall's Porpoises, and 2 being another group of Transient Orcas right between our departure points of Alder and Alert Bay. These animals were T2B, and the T60's. Their blows were clearly illuminated against the bright low sun on the calm sea. A beautiful way to end the day.