Sun and Whales

Today there was not a breath of wind all day. It was flat calm and the Orcas were spread out easy to see and hear from a distance. When we first saw the A30 and I15 pods this morning from SV Tuan they were foraging with some of the young ones engaged in a bit of surface activity such as spyhopping and tail slapping. They were calling over and over again the same vocal sometimes louder and sometimes softer. It was a beautiful encounter. This afternoon MV Cetacea enjoyed some great encounters with the same animals as well. They also saw 2 Humpback whales and the same group of a dozen or so Stellar Sea lions that we saw from the Tuan this morning. Other wildlife seen today was a lone Pacific White-sided dolphin, Dall's porpoises, Surf Scoters, a Pacific Loon, Harlequin Ducks, and loads of other Sea birds.

A30 and son
A30 & A39