Socializing Whales

After months of sun, finally a few drops of rain today. The Sound was calm though and very beautiful. SV Tuan headed out to find 2 pods of resident Orcas, (the I15's, and A30's) in a big clump resting and playing. Some of the younger ones were breaching and spyhopping while the adults seemingly rolled all over each other while surfacing in unison. It was not uncommon to see more than 20 whales at the surface this morning and the vocals were unheard of. It seemed all the individual animals were calling in unison as well. With the mainsail up we headed back to the west after some time and visited with 2 Humpback's that were visiting each other. (BCZ0004, and BCX0081) We then found about a dozen Stellar Sea lions and another Humpback whale on the way home as well as 2 Black-bellied Plovers.

A30's & I15's
A30's & I 15's