(Sept 21) Lots of sights

Once underway this morning MV Cetacea was joined by a group of Dall's porpoises surfing in the bow wake. Although the water was choppy the sun was shining and we could see their striking black and white markings as they darted back and forth. Soon after we encountered 2 Humpback whales and then the I11 pod of Orcas foraging. We followed them and the A12 pod down into the more calm waters of Blackfish Sound while they switched their behavior to resting. As they all surfaced together and dove together we were able to have a great look at all the numerous members of the pods. Along the cruise home everyone enjoyed the scenic passages amongst the islands as well as seeing an additional Humpback whale and a group of 5 Stellar sea lions.

Dall's Porpoise
Dall's porpoise