(Sept. 27th) Another day of beauty and Orcas!

It was another day of wonder and magic with a waterway obscured for much of the time in a heavy blanket of fog that suddenly disappeared as tree tops and shorelines emerged into a brilliance of glorious sunshine. Shortly after leaving the dock in Alder Bay, the magic began when 4-6 Dall's Porpoises darted back and forth bow riding, delighting all on board and a Great Blue Heron flew overhead. Our first encounter with orcas today was again the sighting of a huge dorsal fin rising into sight before us as we made our way down Johnstone Strait. Even though the fog was dense, the viewing was wonderful and passengers observed traveling, resting, foraging activity and playful interaction between the two young mothers (A50 and A54) and their calves. When we left them, the A30's were traveling steadily east towards the Ecological Reserve; A39 and A30 were in the lead. We turned back making our way towards the welcoming brightness of sunlight, enjoying the sights of Bald Eagles in tree tops and hauled out Harbour Seals on rocks and just as we were nearing Alder Bay, a Stellar Sea Lion was also observed. It was indeed a glorious day!