(Sept. 28th) Grand Finale of Orcas and Humpbacks!

What a wonderful note to end our season on! The mist was clearing rapidly when we left the dock and Johnstone Strait was clear as we headed on down to where the two pods of Orcas were, moving west from the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. With the hydrophone down it was wonderful listening to A Clan calls from both the A12 and A30 pods as they moved steadily west in Johnstone Strait, foraging as they went. The two pods were spread out across the strait, intermingling with each other at times and a lot of playful interaction was observed between several of the calves; a lone Pacific White-sided Dolphin was also observed to be traveling with them. After leaving the Orcas we cruised into Blackfish Sound where the blows of four Humpback whales were seen spread out across the top end of the Sound. It was exciting to see the Humpback Whales surface and dive, a surprise for our passengers on board who had not expected to see Humpback Whales. On our return, 85-90 Stellar Sea Lions were seen hauled out and some were swimming in the water. They are amazing to watch and their grunting sounds can be heard from a vast distance away. The sun was shining and the kelp forests sparkled as we made our way back home. We are fully appreciative and grateful for the remarkable beauty and wonder that these waterways hold and have so enjoyed and experienced the season, shared with many who had travelled from all parts of the globe to witness the inspirational majesty of the orcas, humpback whales and more! We wish you all a reflective and purposeful fall and winter; of dreaming, seeking and fulfilling some deepset passions.