July 19th


Both the SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea set out this afternoon and braved both the rain and fog - climatic conditions which obviously didn't effect the whales and other marine mammals for sightings were plentiful and varied! First-off we saw a bald eagle chick sitting on the edge of it's nest, closely followed by an encounter with five Steller Sea Lions swimming in the kelp close to a group of halled-out harbor seals, and a small group Dall's porpoises . As visibility improved we were greeted by an adult Humpback, (Houdini) and her 6 month old calf who delighted onlookers with with an energetic display of tail-slapping and breaching. The homeward journey was just as eventful, with a large group of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins bow-ridding and jumping next to the boat. The perfect end to a wonderful afternoon.