July 20th

Thanks to Doug Martin for this photo!

A very eventful morning turned into an action packed afternoon out on SV Tuan today. No sooner had we found a mother humpback and calf feeding in Blackfish Sound, then we were also flooking at nearly 30 Orcas. The group of orcas turned out to consist of four families from the C and D pods. We cruised quietly next to this group of orcas observing them resting, while a nursery-group of calves and juveniles frisked around tail-lobbing and spy-hopping. After leaving the orcas we suddenly found ourselves the centre of entertainment for a small pod of Dall's porpoises who delighted viewers as they swam and dived around the front of the boat. The highlight of the afternoon was spent watching a lone humpback lunge-feeding for herring 150 meters from the boat, its baleen plates and throat pleats clearly visible - not a sight you see every day.