August 7th


The SV Tuan was cloaked in mist as we left Alert Bay in search of orcas. We made our way through Queen Charlotte Strait listening for the sound of blows until the eerie sight of a large male dorsal fin materialised out of the fog in front of us. The large male orca was A33 a northern resident killer whale accompanied by a smaller female A12 (his 66 year old mother
and the family's matriarch). The SV Tuan followed this group, which was also ing the company of the A24’s (a small family group of only four orcas), as they slept and socialised. The fog had dissipated by the afternoon unveiling a breath taking view of the surrounding mountains and islands. With the sails up we followed the orcas through Johnstone Strait listening to their vocalisations as they foraged. We were not alone as we cruised by the shoreline where we spotted 3 black bears who were searching for crabs and other tasty snacks, one mother was shadowed by a very young cub who seemed more interested in scrambling over the large rocks than searching under them.