August 8th


This morning was beautiful and sunny with fluffy white clouds speckling the sky as we made our way down Johnstone Strait. The majority of the day was spent in the company of the A30’s and I11’s, two large family groups of resident orcas consisting of 18 individuals in total! We followed the two groups as they slept, foraged and socialised their way to Robson Bight (Ecological Reserve) where we were also able to observe a mother humpback whale and calf foraging close to the shore line. After lunch the SV Tuan was joined by the MV Cetacea as we waited outside the reserve for the orcas to emerge from the rubbing beach while we listened to their underwater vocalisations. Highlights of the trip included watching a young juvenile orca breach 150 meters from the boat, and cruising all the way home with the orcas foraging for salmon along side us.