August 17th


Spray broke over the bow of the SV Tuan as we cruised through the islands towards Blackfish Sound accompanied by a small group of Dall's porpoises riding in our wake. We had not gone far when we saw a big splash ahead in the distance, and just in case we had missed it the first time it was followed by a couple more! We hoisted the sails and as we got closer we were able to see a young humpback calf frolicking in the chop, rolling on its back waving pectoral fins in the air, tail-slapping, cart-wheeling and most impressive of all performing a number of spectacular breaches - the calf was obviously enjoying the windy weather! The encounter was made even more exciting as a third humpback joined the mother and calf, all foraging stopped as the trio of whales socialised, diving and surfacing meters from each other an interaction this intimate rarely seen considering humpback are usually solitary.