August 18th


The morning started off calm and gentle with a light breeze and warming sun. The SV Tuan made its way down Johnstone Strait where we caught up with a large family group of resident orcas known as the I15's (14 individuals in total). The orcas were resting as they slowly made their way towards Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Resting behaviour is evident when a group comes close together surfacing and diving simultaneously. We later encountered the A12's, (8 individuals in total) in Blackfish Sound and followed them as they traveled through the archipelago, exploring through kelpbeds along the way. Once back in Johnstone Strait we could see orcas in every direction as there were at least 5 different families (over 40+ individuals) all foraging and socializing in the one area, the hydrophone picked up amazing vocals. Other wildlife encounters included a large group of Dall's porpoises bow-riding the SV Tuan, as well as a huge haul-out of Steller sea lion sun bathing on the rocks