August 27th


The wildlife encounter this morning was amazing! We entered Blackfish Sound pursuing the distant blows of a young humpback whale which lead us directly into the middle of a mass feeding frenzy. We sat with our engines off while four humpback whales foraged and dived around us feeding off the various herring balls. We were also privileged enough to witness two young humpbacks frolicking together showing off their beautiful tail flukes as they cartwheeled and splashed. An incoming flock of Rhinoceros Auklets soon sped into the feeding activity not wanting to miss out on the plentiful fish, bouncing their bodies like skimming stones along the surface of the water as they landed quickly in order to get into the action! The whales and sea birds were not the only ones making the most of the abundant food, on the way home we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a loan harbour seal tearing into the pink meat of a freshly caught salmon.