August 29th


A fresh wind blew across the strait as we sailed through Blackfih Sound in search of orcas. The first thing we came across however was a group of atleast 100 Pacific white-sided Dolphins. They charged towards us and once nearby passed along both sides of the SV Tuan before we changed course and cruised with them towards the east. Some of the animals didn't hesitate to breach clear of the water delighting everyone aboard with excellent views of their whole bodies. Once we had left the dolphins we found the largest group of Orcas we have seen this year so far. Whales from 7 different matrilines were present making up 68 animals in total. They were in 3 large groups not too far from each other or us and when we dropped the hydrophone we were lucky enough to hear a few great vocalizations from them. On the trip home we all enjoyed organic tea and fresh baked scones to cap off an excellent morning on the water.
A Heermann's gull was also seen near our departure point at Alder Bay which is unusual as this gull is normally found much further south.