September 1st


This afternoon got off to a fantastic start as we watched a mother black bear and her two young cubs foraging for crabs and other tasty titbit's along the shoreline. We made our way down Johnstone Strait towards Robson Bight (the ecological reserve) enjoying the beautiful scenery while spotting Steller seas lions and Dall's porpoises. As we got closer to Robson Bight we could see the distant blows of the resident orcas as they spread out across the strait foraging in our direction. As the whales approached closer we were able to identify the two family groups the A23's and the A11's. The highlight of the encounter was when Springer (a famous orca who was adopted by the A11's after being orphaned in 2002) swam past the boat clearly visible under the surface by those watching on board the Tuan. The underwater vocals as the orcas foraged around us were loud and clear providing the perfect narration to an enchanting encounter.