August 31st


An exciting early morning encounter with the Hermann's gull got the sightings going and set "the bar" for the remainder of the trip. We leisurely cruised into Blackfish Sound where we encountered the A30"s, a family group of 9 northern resident orcas, traveling slowly as they rested together. The scene that unfolded before us was breath taking, the orcas diving and surfacing in unison while three humpback whales foraged for herring just behind them. Every few second the peaceful silence out on the water was dominated by a loud blow as the various whales surfaced to breath before disappearing back beneath the surface, on occasions the humpbacks flashing us quick glimpses of their tail flukes before diving.
Other wildlife seen included, Steller sea lions, harbour seals, great blue herons, the usual plethora of seabirds plus the first ancient murrelet we have seen all season.