September 14th


It was another amazing day out on the water viewing a myriad of seabird and marine mammal species. First off a few Harbour Porpoises were sighted feeding and soon after, a group of 6 Transient Orcas who were spread out but appeared to be in two groups of three. Long dives were observed and they appeared relaxed and resting, traveling very slowly. The highlight of the day was the viewing of three Humpback Whales, beginning with a glimpse of one in the distance, en route to viewing some 35 + hauled out Stellar Sea Lions and Harbour Seals. As we traveled in the direction of the Humpback Whale we were not prepared for what we saw. It was unbelievable and also rather amusing. Where two Humpback Whales were feeding (Houdini and her 2007 calf) , several Sea Lions had also gathered to feed but it seemed to all of us onboard that they were playing as well, rolling and splashing all around the Humpbacks as if in fun. Suddenly a third whale surfaced beside the other two amidst the splashing Sea Lions, it was identified by its fluke as being Houdini's 2005 calf. A trio of Humpback Whales and many Sea Lions together, it made for some exceptional viewing! The Humpbacks separated, the 2005 calf remained nearby our drifting boat , the other two headed off to the east when suddenly they reappeared having changed direction. Everyone enjoyed the unexpected close encounter as when they had last been sighted, they had been several hundred meters away.  Our boat had been drifting in the current with the engine off for the entire Humpback viewing segment so it was quite a treat to see them as we did, the sight and sound of them as they passed by was breathe-taking!