September 17th


It was another blustery day out on the water as we headed out on tour with our stay sail hoisted. A swirling of white water, crisp blue sky and sunshine... it was a glorious day and one that blew away any lingering thought of fog or rain! The G25's ( a family group of four orcas) were reported heading west along the shoreline and so we headed in that direction, passing several hauled out Steller Sea Lions en route. The wind and wave conditions and glare of bright sunlight made sighting fins in such conditions somewhat difficult but the four orcas were sighted, moving with ease through the waves. At one point they turned and headed back to the east before turning again, heading west of the White Cliff Islands. It was in Blackfish Sound that a Humpback Whale was sighted, several blows were seen and then a fluke, and later, while viewing 70 ++ hauled out Stellar Sea Lions and Harbour Seals another Humpback blow was seen. The elements of the day were quite marvellous, reminding us all of the change that wind brings to us all and to an ocean in which live, countless numbers of seabirds and marine mammals.