September 18th


Today was another blustery day very much like yesterday, the sea conditions greatly increasing in gusto after we were safely back at dock. As we headed out this morning it was a beautiful day and the stay sail was hoisted, off we headed with an excited group of parents and children onboard. It was early on in the tour, like yesterday that four Transient Orcas were sighted, they were the T55 group ( T55, T 55a, T55b and T55c ). They were seen to be foraging, several Harbour Seals were nearby in the water. Two Humpback Whales were seen a distance away, heading into Weynton Passage ahead of our viewing of the Transient Orcas and a juvenile Humpback Whale was sighted closer, it was quite wonderful watching its fluke disappearing neatly into the glistening waters. A large group of Stellar Sea Lions were hauled out and among them were some Harbour Seals. On the way home we cruised through the protected scenic waterways of the Plumper and Pearse Islands, enjoying the calm waters, basking in sunlight. Another day out on the water where the elements of nature, the wind, brings change.