September 30th

Our guests today were excited to be out on the water after having watched yesterdays storm from shore; its mighty strength of gale and storm-force winds was indeed awesome. We set sail early and upon entering the top end of Blackfish Sound several large Humpback Whale blows could be seen in the distance, and as we ventured further into the Sound, three tall orca dorsal fins could also be seen. The orcas were identified as the A36's, the brothers A32, A37 and A46. Our stay-sail had been hoisted earlier and It was wonderful to sail with them as they made their way slowly to the west. A group of 8-10 Dall's Porpoises joined us at the bow, riding along much to the pleasure of all on board; it was fabulous watching as they darted back and forth effortlessly. Of the numerous Humpback Whales reported in the area, we observed one mature and two juveniles as well as several Pacific White-sided Dolphins who were racing about, some foraging near to the boat. On the way home some 75+ Stellar Sea Lions were seen hauled out as well as numerous Harbour Seals. On such a day, one cannot help but be reminded that these precious waterways are quite remarkable, where an abundance of marine mammal species can be observed from spring through fall.