July 11, 2008

Today it was calm and quiet on the water.
Sightings were varied with approximately 6 harbour porpoises being sighted early on in the tour. There were several stellar sea lions and one was seen feeding on a fish. Dall’s porpoises were playful and bow-riding at times which was exciting to see. Harbour seals were plentiful and one was seen eating a flounder fish “whole” which seemed extraordinary, considering the size and shape of the fish! Bald Eagle nests were observed, there were many eagles sighted throughout both tours, both in flight and resting in trees. The highlight of the day was the viewing of a humpback whale and while it did not fluke its tail it was wonderful to watch. Some 20+ pacific white-sided dolphins added a lot of interest and enjoyment to the tours, they were amazing to watch, especially when they leaped clear out of the water.