JULY 10, 2008

A full arching rainbow was seen in Alert Bay ahead of the boats departure. It was one of those glorious rainbows that arched across the entire bay, the colours bright and seemingly very close. Blustery winds changed the seascape from yesterday’s calm and brought choppy waves to the surface, a day to let the wind shake loose and let ones spirits soar.

Two humpback whale blows were sighted in Blackfish Sound, one of them was later identified as KC the 6 year old who has been sighted frequently this summer. It was nice to watch as the two humpbacks made their way back up Blackfish Sound. Pacific White-sided dolphins were also seen close-by, passing under the boat as it sailed along, bowriding at times. Dall’s porpoises delighted everyone onboard when 6-8 came together, bowriding the boat as it headed back through the Blow-hole. The sunlight was intense, bringing a sparkle to the water and to the lush green forested islands of the Plumper Islands.