What an amazing afternoon to be out on the water; the sea was alive with an abundance of marine mammal activity. As both vessels headed out the sun was shinning and the sea was calm giving good visibility to see far into the distance. The orcas were sighted heading west in Johnstone Strait, the A8’s and A23 pods, they were working both shorelines as they foraged. Before turning at the top end, the A23’s vocalized briefly and turned back to the east just as the A8’s had also done. It was interesting to see A60 cross back over and rejoin with his family as both pods headed down the VI shoreline. KC the 6 year old Humpback Whale was observed by all, the whale being easily identified by its fluke. Passengers onboard the SV Tuan enjoyed the company of Dall’s Porpoises and Pacific White-sided Dolphins bow-riding on two occasions. Others sightings on the tours were: Stellar Sea Lions, hauled out Harbour Seals and their pups, Bald Eagle nests, Eagles in trees, in flight and fishing, and a River Otter. A large Minke Whale was sighted on the way home, it was feeding on krill and herring. The viewing was superb and looking over the side of the boat, both the krill and herring could be seen swimming in the water below. There were numerous other birds sighted, they included Red-necked Phalaropes, Black Oyster Catches, Rhinoceros Auklets, Black Turnstones and Pigeon Guillemots.