It was another breathtaking and beautiful day of viewing marine mammals on the water.
This morning a Minke Whale was observed very early on in the tour followed by the sighting of KC the 6 year old Humpback Whale. KC was enjoyed under full sail, it was wonderful to be moving quietly along beside, giving everyone a very special viewing experience. Dall’s porpoises were seen along the way and a second sighting of a Minke Whale was observed on the way home along with numerous Harbour Seals. In the afternoon, passengers early into their tour had a brilliant viewing experience with a Humpback Whale. It was lunge feeding on krill and the viewing was superb and very exciting! Krill was seen to be everywhere, easily visible on the surface of the water. A Minke Whale was also sighted, Dall’s Porpoises ++ Harbour Seals ++ and a Stellar Sea Lion.