It was a very exciting day for both the morning and the afternoon tours with incoming new pods of orcas! When the orcas were first sighted this morning, they were spread out across Queen Charlotte Strait heading towards Blackfish Sound and Johnstone Strait. Passengers on the SV Tuan enjoyed a wonderful sail under canvas, moving quietly with them. The orcas this morning were identified as being the C10’s and C6’s. It was wonderful listening to their vocals via the hydrophone. A Humpback Whale was also sighted and enjoyed on this tour. On the afternoon tour the orcas from the morning had carried on east into the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve, traveling even further to the east. Orcas were meanwhile reported heading east from Malcolm Island and it was at Weynton Passage that passengers on the MV Cetacea were able to view the new arrivals. They were moving rapidly to the east, and were identified as possibly being the A11’s returning. Other sightings today were: Stellar Sea Lions, Dalls Porpoises, Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles++