It was another beautiful day to be out on the water viewing the myriad of sea life that abound in these waters. Even before leaving the dock in Alert Bay this afternoon, two swarms of krill were visible on which Rock Cod were feeding. It made very interesting viewing and gave a deeper perspective and understanding to all who stood by watching, regarding the ocean and its dynamic food chain. While on tour, “Twister” the Humpback whale was sighted and some very good viewing was enjoyed, especially when it surfaced at one point near to the boat as it sat idle. It was a surprise viewing that gave everyone a chance to clearly see its dive sequence in motion and to listen keenly to a deep expiration and the inhalation that followed. Also sighted while on tour: Three Stellar Sea Lions hauled out, Dall’s Porpoises, Harbour Seals and Bald Eagles ++. The viewing of a large school of herring again drew attention to the dynamics of the food chain in the ocean.