What a special viewing! It was a wonderful day for passengers onboard the SV Tuan. Heading east in Johnstone Strait this morning orca blows could be seen on the VI shoreline heading our way; other blows were also sighted at the bottom end of Hanson Island. As we neared the approaching orcas on the VI shore, the engine was cut and the hydrophone deployed. Several small groups were observed foraging close to the shore but in the shaded waters it was not easy to identify them. The A30’s were present and some other pods, possibly G-Clan pod(s), G-Clan calls were heard, as well as A-Clan calls. The A30’s were superb! Foraging further out from the shore they were clearly visible and passengers had some memorable moments when they turned to travel back to the east passing nearby. A few more delightful moments were spent watching A73 (Bend) stopping near-by to nudge up to and against a log as though in play. The orcas were seen to be foraging intensively, and passengers watched as A30 foraged back and forth, A38 also foraged nearby with his mother. Heading into Weyton Passage, Dalls Porpoises joined us at the bow, bow-riding. Watching them dart back and forth below the water line and above is always a treat. Other sightings throughout the day were: Three hauled out stellar sea lions and several others in the water, harbor seals, Rhinoceros Auklets, Red-necked Phalaropes, Black Turnstones, California Gulls, Bald Eagles and an eaglet in the nest. As the mist cleared from Weynton Passage, on the way home, a sparkling sea-scape was revealed in the warming and most welcome sunshine.