When the SV Tuan headed out on tour this afternoon there were reports of orcas heading east at the east end of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve (A30’s, A23’s, A8’s) and orcas heading west, west of Lizard Point (A12’s). We began by heading west but when a report came in that some of the pods had turned back to the west at the east end of the reserve, we headed in that direction. The heavy flood current had us make our way swiftly down Blackfish Sound and we were soon in Johnstone Strait where blows and the dorsal fins of the orcas could be seen heading in our direction. A large dorsal fin was sighted nearby, identified as A38 (oldest surviving son of A30 from the A30 pod). He was separate from his family who were much further east in Johnstone Strait, he was observed foraging intensely, moving back and forth. The A8’s were also foraging steadily along the Cracroft shore, turning back at times to forage then moving west against the flood current, taking long dives. One lucky passenger managed to snap a wonderful photo when one of the orcas spy-hopped, delighting everyone. A few dall’s porpoises were observed to be traveling with the A8’s as they crossed Blakney Passage in the heavy flood current. The day was glorious and the lighting magical when we left the orcas, heading for home. Other sightings were: Several stellar sea lions swimming, dall’s porpoises, harbor seals, Rhinoceros Auklets, Red-necked Phalaropes, California Gulls, Bald Eagles and Surf Scoters.