Heading out on tour this afternoon it was reassuring to know that orcas were again plying the waters of Johnstone Strait. The three pods, the A24’s, A8’s and A23’s who had foraged at the top end of Johnstone Strait in the morning had made their way back to the east and into the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. As happened yesterday afternoon, we again encountered orcas at the Boat Bay light after they had left the Reserve, heading back to the west. The A8’s were nearest to the boat, they were foraging as they traveled along. A-Clan vocals could be heard via the hydrophone and passengers again enjoyed some wonderful viewing. On the way home, bow-riding Dall’s Porpoises traveled along for some 30 minutes delighting everyone on board. At Weynton Passage, the lighting was superb, the water was white with Gulls, mostly California Gulls who were resting in the back eddy of the flood current.