The morning tour on SV Tuan began with a heavy fog and almost zero visibility but what a sight when tree tops began appearing out of nowhere along the shoreline. When the curtain of fog had finally cleared in Johnstone Strait, the orcas were sighted and beautifully so! It was the same group as yesterday, the A5’s and the A8’s. They were all spread out and foraging, some along the Hanson Island shore and others crossing over to the VI shore. With the engine off and the boat drifting in the current, A-Clan vocals could be clearly heard via the hydrophone. On the afternoon tour, after a brief encounter of bow-riding Pacific White-sided Dolphins, MV Cetacea met up with the A25’s who were traveling back to the east, foraging steadily along the VI shore, the other pods were further east and in the Robson Bight Reserve. After listening to their A-Clan calls, we left the area and headed up into Blackfish Sound where the A30’s were sighted heading in from Bold Head. It was exciting viewing. A39 was sighted followed by the A54’s and a single Pacific White-sided Dolphin who was swimming with them. The A50’s foraged near to the boat delighting passengers; the two calves played on the surface for a time and it was interesting to hear a single call on the hydrophone and watch as the two calves raced after their mother. A 38 was also seen at a distance where the small nick near the top of his dorsal fin could be seen by binoculars. Other sightings today: harbour seals, dall’s porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, white-winged and surf scoters, bald eagles and california gulls+++.