Today proved to be a day of wonderful viewing despite the heavy rain! On the morning tour passengers had the experience of sailing with the whales: the A8’s, A23’s and the A30’s and while under sail, by trailing the hydrophone, passengers were able to listen to their wonderful A-Clan vocals as they foraged. On the afternoon sail time was spent with the I12’s, they were also foraging and I47 surprised everyone when surfacing near to the boat, allowing a wonderful and unforgettable sight! The humpback whales were once again back in the area and passengers enjoyed the viewings of KC and another Y Humpback Whale who is new to the area. Two other humpback whales including Houdini, were also sighted in the distance. It was a day of varied weather conditions that also brought with it, some exciting marine sightings. Other sightings today: The rare sighting of 8-10 Arctic Terns, stellar sea lions 75 ++ hauled out and swimming, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles, surf scoters, white-winged scoters, juvenile pigeon guillemots, red-necked phalaropes, cassin’s auklets and california gulls.