When leaving the dock this afternoon the sun was shinning and continued to do so throughout the tour. We first sighted the A12’s off Weynton Passage as they crossed over to the VI shore in the heavy flood current. A55 was foraging steadily in the current off on his own while A34 and the rest of her offspring were foraging and at times could be seen resting, near to the VI shore; their beautiful A-Clan calls were heard via the hydrophone. They soon began to travel east, crossing over to Cracroft Point and passengers enjoyed some wonderful viewing as they foraged nearby the boat in the flood current at Blakney Passage. On our way home, when heading back to the west, 7 Transient orcas were also sighted traveling east down the VI shore. They had been identified as the T34’s, T37’s and T72. The sightings of Transient orcas this summer has been few and so it was an afternoon made even more interesting by their appearance in Johnstone Strait.