This morning orcas were sighted out in front of Alert Bay, just ahead of passengers arriving to board and so it was with much excitement that the tour got underway. It turned out to be the same seven Transient orcas (mammal feeders, mostly marine) who were in the area two days ago, on August 30; the T34’s, T37’s and T72. When SV met up with the orcas they had just finished feeding and were resting and passengers were able to view these transient orcas in their relaxed state. Resting is rarely seen in transients , representing less than 3 % of their overall activity, as compared to 10-15% for residents. Passengers observed that the resting transients were uninterested in two Harbour Porpoises swimming nearby. After a time, the orcas began to travel to the west, passing west of Pultney Point on Malcolm Island. Other sightings today: Stellar Sea Lions swimming, a common Loon, a mink, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes and california gulls.