Today was an exceptional day for viewing a variety of marine life. We began our tour with the sighting of a black bear on the beach, this was followed soon after by the sighting of a female northern elephant seal. It is always considered a rare sighting in this area to see one and very exciting for everyone on board to see. The A30’s were foraging west of Blinkhorn on the VI shore, they were well spread out and close to the shore, their foraging was intense and it was wonderful listening to their A-Clan calls via the hydrophone as they foraged. Passing through Weynton Passage en route to viewing two humpback whales, over 116 stellar sea lions were counted hauled out and there were more in the water swimming; it is the most countered so far this season. The viewing of them hauled out is always interesting and never ceases to amaze. The two humpback whales were sighted in the distance in the Queen Charlotte Strait, they were breathtaking to watch. Swimming side by side their surfacing and diving was almost simultaneous, an amazing sight to see. The sunlight was welcome and warm on our backs as we headed for home, what more could we ask for! Other sightings today: harbour seals hauled out, rhinoceros auklets, bald eagles, surf scoters, red-necked phalaropes, a peregrine falcon and california gulls.