Some wonderful days of viewing!

September 29: The A30 matriline were sighted again out in the Queen Charlotte Strait, they were foraging near to the Foster Islands, moving slowly eastbound. There was barely a breathe of wind and glassy calm waters that made the viewing superb!
The orcas were mostly silent although some A-Clan calls were heard via the hydrophone.

September 28: Another beautiful and spectacular day of marine mammal sightings! What a wonderful day this turned out to be! Just when we thought there were no orcas in the area and we were focusing on the humpback whales who seemed to be every which way we looked, as blow after blow was sighted with some very good viewing close by, an orca fin was sighted off into the distance. How wonderful that sighting was and soon, the A30 matriline were identified. Everyone on board had a beautiful day of sunshine and marine mammal sightings.

September 26: There were no orcas in the area but the sightings of three humpback whales close by were wonderful. Everywhere passengers looked, humpback whale blows could be seen. There were seven humback whales in the near vicinity in total. A myriad of bird species, stellar sea lions and harbour seals were also seen.