Heading out this morning, passengers enjoyed the viewing of Bald Eagles and their nests and Belted Kingfishers who were darting back and forth prior to the sighting of a humpback whale feeding at the top end of Blackfish Sound and making its way out into the Queen Charlotte Strait. There were a large number of Rhinoceros Auklets and Common Murres also feeding in the area. It was exciting news to hear a sports fishing vessel reporting that orcas were traveling to the east from Lizard Point. En route to the orcas a Bald Eagle was sighted swimming in the water, using its wings to help propel its body along, it finally made it to shore; Dall’s Porpoises were also seen near by. At the time of our encounter with the orcas, the A12 matriline were mingling about, young calves were playful with tail slapping and some resting activity was also observed. A12 was sighted resting, not so far behind A34 and some of her offspring who included A67 and her new calf. A-Clan calls could be heard above the water ahead of the hydrophone being deployed and were wonderful to listen to.