As the clouds began to lift, a beautiful day was seen unfolding on the water. Weynton Passage was alive with numerous bird species seen in flight and feeding and Bald Eagles and their nests were viewed as well as four Stellar Sea Lions swimming and numerous Harbour Seals who were hauled out and also swimming in the water. A blow was sighted in the distance in Blackfish Sound twice, it appeared to be the high blow of a Humpback Whale as well an arching dark shape but it was not seen again. A Minke Whale was sighted in Blackfish Sound and a second one near the White Cliff Islands, this second one was feeding extensively. High bird activity on the water indicated the presence of herring balls and Bald Eagles were observed to be gliding low over the water, picking up herring with their talons and feeding on them as they flew. Other species also seen were: Dalls Porpoise, one White-tailed Deer, Rhinoceros Auklets+++, Common Murres, Pigeon Guillemots, Black Oystercatchers and Black Turnstones.