Today was a beautiful day for viewing marine mammals in the area, the sunshine was warming and very welcome. Early on in the tour the sighting of two Humpback Whales out in the Queen Charlotte Strait were easily visible from a distance. They were feeding on herring (and herring balls) as were numerous Bald Eagles, Rhinoceros Auklets++ and gulls. It was interesting for passengers to observe the two Humpbacks moving in wide circles distant from each other as they fed. With a report of possible inbound orcas from the Numas Islands we headed in that direction and were thrilled to see their dorsal fins ahead of us and west of the Foster Islands. The six orcas were traveling slowly together in a line and were very relaxed for Transient orcas. T020 and t021 were among those orcas sighted.
Other species also seen were: Dalls Porpoise, hauled out Harbour Seals and their pups +++, Rhinoceros Auklets+++, Bald Eagles, Common Murres, a Great Blue Heron and Northern Phalaropes.