Today was a most amazing day to be touring out on the water with an abundance of marine mammal activity to observe and listen to. Traveling through Weynton Passage and out into the Queen Charlotte Strait, Dall’s Porpoises and hauled out Harbour Seals were seen simultaneously as well, an Eaglet sitting high up on its nest. Within moments of making way again, we were joined by four Pacific White-sided Dolphins riding at the bow of the boat. Passengers and crew alike had a wonderful time viewing with the Dolphins traveling along. Many more Dolphins were sighted actively feeding in Blackfish Sound, some 150 ++ when a Humpback Whale suddenly surfaced amongst them. The viewing was superb with dolphins surrounding the Humpback Whale, all of them were feeding on herring. The dolphin vocals were wonderful to listen to, as was the trumpeting sound made by the Humpback Whale. A second Humpback Whale was seen tail lobbing in the far distance with mighty splashings being visible. On closer observation this Humpback Whale was seen waving both pectoral fins about, tail lobbing and rolling about with numerous Dolphins who were also feeding nearby. It was an unforgettable and magical sight for those who had never seen Dolphins or Humpback Whales in the wild before. Other species also seen were: Dalls Porpoise, hauled out Harbour Seals, mothers and their pups +++, Rhinoceros Auklets+++, Bald Eagles, Common Murres and Pigeon Guillemots.