Today’s tour was simply wonderful. Our passengers enjoyed some brilliant viewing of orcas while sailing quietly with them in the fog. The A30’s were spread out foraging along the VI shore near Blinkhorn and with light wind conditions present, our main sail was hoisted. It was especially exciting when A50 and her two calves A72 and A84 circled around and behind the vessel chasing after salmon. A84 seemed briefly interested in examining our hydrophone as it trailed along behind the boat, enabling passengers to listen to some beautiful A-Clan vocals as they foraged and we sailed. Other species also seen were: hauled out Harbour Seals: mothers and their pups, Dall's Porpoises, Rhinoceros Auklets+++, Bald Eagles and an Eaglet in its nest, Common Murres and Red-Necked Phalaropes (Northern Phalaropes).