It was a calm and very peaceful day to be out on tour and our encounter with the orcas was very early on as they neared Blinkhorn. The A30’s were making their way foraging along the VI shore. A30 was in the lead with A38 close by, another male was sighted (A39) foraging opposite across the Strait on the Hanson Island shoreline and A12 was further east of him. A54 and her off-spring followed behind A30 & A38 and lastly, A50 and her calves with A72 in the lead. It was especially beautiful to sit listening to their A-Clan calls via the hydrophone, some resting calls were heard amongst others and suddenly as is usual, they all turned and began proceeding to travel back to the east. Other species also seen were: hauled out Harbour Seals, mothers and their pups, Rhinoceros Auklets+++, Bald Eagles and an Eaglet in its nest, Common Murres and Red-Necked Phalaropes, Black Oystercatchers and Black Turnstones.