Today was a beautiful day, rich in colour and movement in an ever changing marine environment. Heading down Johnstone Strait this morning Dalls Porpoises++ could be seen in the distance at Blakney Passage, they were feeding in the flood current. At the bottom of Hanson Island we left the Strait and entered into Blackfish Sound, and soon after, the boat was surrounded by numerous Dalls Porpoises who were riding at the bow of the boat and seemed to be everywhere we looked, darting back and forth. In the midst of all of the activity a Humpback Whale surfaced where other Dalls Porpoises were feeding, surprising everyone on board. The viewing of this Humpback Whale who moved further down Blackfish Sound and was soon seen foraging very close to a rock wall and of the Dalls Porpoises, who continued to dive around the boat, was superb.