It was a splendid day for observing orcas in Johnstone Strait with passengers on both the morning and afternoon sailing’s enjoying some quality viewing. As we headed out this morning, in Cormorant Channel, gulls galore were feeding on a herring ball as were Bald Eagles, swooping in low to fish. Orcas were reported traveling in from Donegal Head and were sighted off Bold Head, but ahead of this a large Minke Whale was sighted. The orcas were identified as being the A30’s and they were east bound in Blackfish Sound. A39 was traveling closest to the Hanson Island shore while the A54’s were ahead of him; A30 and A38 were seen together over on the Swanson Island shore and the A50’s parallel to them. While stopping to hoist our main sail and with the engine off, we listened to their beautiful A-Clan calls via the hydrophone. Upon entering Johnstone Strait some of the A30’s foraged briefly but all were seen moving swiftly to the east. On the afternoon tour the viewing was also exciting as the A36 brothers and A12 were traveling back to the west in Johnstone Strait, they were spread out and foraging intensely. Our entire time spent with the orcas on this tour was under sail using our main sail, passengers enjoyed the experience of sailing quietly with them and while trailing our hydrophone, their A-Clan calls could be heard from time to time. Traveling home via the island waterways was glorious: the kelp forests and trees on shore sparkled in the warm afternoon sunlight and, when we least expected it, a Minke Whale was sighted in Cormorant Channel. It was a wonderful sighting and way to end the tour on. Other species also seen were: Dall’s Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles fishing ++ and in trees, Rhinoceros Aucklets, Red-Necked Phalaropes, Pigeon Guillemots, Great Blue Herons, 27 Canada Geese and a Humming bird.