Some breathtaking and magical moments were enjoyed by all on board S.V. Tuan today. We headed out this morning in the direction of Johnstone Strait and as we travelled, a report came in that a group of orcas were east bound in Blackfish Sound. We had also learned that the A36 brothers and A12 were at the west end of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and were west bound along the Vancouver Island shoreline. Arriving at Blackney Passage we were just in time to hear the blows of approaching orcas through a curtain of fog that was wafting out from Blackfish Sound and then in a moment, ‘ there they were’! With the engine cut and the hydrophone deployed, it was beautiful to listen to the chorus of their A-Clan calls, signaling the arrival of the A34’s into the Strait. Just prior to their entering, it was observed that the A36 brothers became excited with breaching and spy-hopping activity and A12 had been seen making her way towards Cracroft Point. It was an extremely moving sight to witness and a privilege to share with others as the rest of the Matriline A12’s family: her daughter and her daughters offspring, 8 orcas which included A62’s newest calf and A67’s first calf, made their way into the Strait on a flood current. We watched spellbound, the antics of A62’s two calves calves playing together spy-hopping and tail lobbing, as they travelled with their mother A62 and uncle A55. The A36 brothers were closest to this small group especially so A46 while the rest of the A34’s had travelled more quickly to the east down the West Cracroft Island shore. The viewing was superb as were the vivid images held in the minds of all on board. Other species also seen were: Dall’s Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Rhinoceros Aucklets, Red-Necked Phalaropes and Pigeon Guillemots.